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Are You Legit?

A great series of questions came into my email inbox the other day from Shelly, who just discovered me and pmStudent. Shelly: Are these video’s for PM’s that had the schooling and are now ready to begin their career? If so, how much education would one need for your system to at it’s most helpful?Read… Read more »

Spam Hyperlinks and Personal Information on Government Blogs

Here in Massachusetts, we moderate comments on all of our Commonwealth Conversations blogs. While our comment policies obviously lean heavily on the side of First Amendment rights, they’re in place to protect our employees, bloggers, readers, and commenters. When moderating comments, I think it’s natural to want to scan the comments for obvious violations (i.e.,Read… Read more »

4 Best Practices for Fighting Phishing Attacks

by Sophicity Phishing is a form of fraud that masquerades as an official email or website which attempts to steal a victim’s username, password, and other information. Typically, a scammer will send an email that appears to be from a well-known bank, asking the user to log in to their account. When the victim clicksRead… Read more »

140 Characters of Crap: The Sophisticated Rise of Social Engineering on Twitter

Anybody that uses Twitter on a regular basis know that there are a lot of junk posts and meaningless content. There have even been studies done recently that categorized the type of posts and found that the majority wasn’t very “news worthy” to say the least. Yet there were some meaningful tweets, I have foundRead… Read more »