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Transparency and Social Enablement

Whew… Just published my first idea on the Here’s a teaser. Social Enablement consists of architecting, developing, and ultimately using a network of transparency services along with developing the social context within government to encourage its maximum utilization. Social Enablement as a strategic element assures that transparency gains sufficient reach and capacity to beRead… Read more »

Open Governement and Innovation Conference – Authors or co-authors out there?

Check out the details here OGI is hosting a late July conference on how to realize the President’s call for leveraging social media for government transparency and greater public collaboration. If anyone would like to co-develop a topic, especially those regarding measuring the return on using social media or identifying challenges unique to public adoption,Read… Read more »

Championing Web 2.0 Intenerally – A Thought Experiement

Background The following is a thought experiment I devised while attempting to find some analogy for web 2.0 adoption as an indirect contributor to ROI and more akin to infrastructure, especially the type of infrastructure in which companies routinely invest nowadays without a passing thought. The Experiment Experiment 1 – New Infrastructure In your prestigiousRead… Read more »

2.0 Opportunity Framework – A Model for Consultants

The following is a rough sketch of a framework I began developing months back attempting to explain and rationalize the different types of opportunities available to a consultant or consultancy in the “2.0” space. I thought I might subject it GovLoop’s collective critique both her and on my blog in the hopes of starting someRead… Read more »

Web 2.0 – Meet the new Hype, same as the old Hype

Judas? Not quite Lest I be confused with non-web 2.0 enthusiast or, worse, proclaimed contrarian to the very type of forum where I’m contributing by this writing, let me offer a blatant caveat right up front here: I’m a web 2.0 advocate and believer, a regular social computing junkie, and generally optimistic guy. I useRead… Read more »