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Top 10 tips for promoting channel shift

In July I presented at the SOCITM Building Perfect Council Websites 11 (BPCW11) in London on the topic of Channel Shift. The presentation was entitled “Is Developing Channels more Important than Promoting Shift?” Although the event was aimed primarily at Local Government, many of the concepts I presented are relevant to both Central and GovernmentRead… Read more »

The problem with social media: Don’t believe the hype

You’ve got your new website. You’re using Twitter and Facebook to “engage” with residents. Your community has access to all the latest news and information as it happens. The channel shift savings are predicted to be huge…So why isn’t it working? Don’t let the hype surrounding Social Media convince you this is an effective wayRead… Read more »

Facebook’s move increases emails relevance in social communication

Facebook Messages Kills Email? Think again. Facebook’s new “Messages” service was apparently called a “Gmail killer” internally at the company. Some analysts have pronounced email dead. That’s interesting and pretty naive. Instant messaging already killed email, then RSS killed it, then SMS, then Twitter, and now, finally, Facebook has killed it. Email is the mostRead… Read more »