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Successful Bid Proposal to Product Manufacture

Successful Bid Proposal to Product Manufacture If you operate the type of organization that requires you to bid on work, you need to know how to compete the entire process successfully from bid to engineering to manufacture. This process is as much an art as a science, and cannot be taken lightly. Just winning theRead… Read more »

Obtaining Profitability and Executability When Bidding Complex System Jobs

When bidding complex manufacturing jobs whether a factory process or administration process, such as coding, it is important to keep a few things in mind to increase profit margins. Understanding the client, the job and the tools needed in bidding jobs can drastically improve the profitability of your organization. Using the tools learned via operationalRead… Read more »

The Secret to Successful Organizational Transformations

One method of teaching is the use of negative examples. To get my important point across to top management, I will turn to some real life examples. The first not-so-successful example was a financial services firm with thousands of employees. It started down the path to adopting an inclusive approach to improving operations that wouldRead… Read more »

Best Practices for Top Leaders in Organizational Transformation

There are some common practices undertaken by leaders to ensure successful organizational transformation. We will share some of these from our many years experiencing different organizations in type, size and sector. In one instance the owners of a small family-owned manufacturing company embraced an entirely new concept of order taking and production. A team-based andRead… Read more »

Good Communication between Operations and IT is Vital to Growth

There are reasons that the co-operation between your Operations function and your IT function are difficult. The conflicting agendas and miss-matched expectations that these two areas naturally have can be difficult to overcome. However, like many relationships, solving the communications breakdown and developing a good two-way dialog between them is a key to your organization’sRead… Read more »

Getting Operations and IT to Mix

The Operations function and the IT function of most organizations are like oil and water. Due to the traditional roles these areas play, they often run into difficulty when combined on an improvement project. It is critical that these functions work well together in order for you to achieve any success in your organization. HereRead… Read more »

Stand Out as a Leader in Transformation

0 If you aren’t able to demonstrate excitement to your team, you can’t expect them to get excited along with you. Leaders aren’t cold, calculating masterminds; a good leader is willing to invest his heart and soul in the goal of initiating transformation, and it shows Every team, unit and organization needs a leader—actually, itRead… Read more »

Gather Stakeholder Inputs

Your organization consists of much more than just your employees and managers. Clients and customers, providers, contractors and others are also included in the role of “stakeholder.” When you’re ramping up for a transformation initiative, it’s important to gather the inputs from all stakeholders, not just those who are most obvious. Touch on topics likeRead… Read more »

Three Key Factors for Leaders to Remember

Here are 3 key factors for any leader desiring a change in their organization to remember These actions are critical in any transformation. First, leaders must recognize that the power of a plan or vision comes from the people understanding and adopting it. But, contrary to what many believe just having that ‘compelling vision’ isRead… Read more »

Overcoming Barriers to Organizational Transformation

8 or 9 organizations out of 10 embarking on a major transformation efforts fail to get the results they should. Overcoming Barriers to Organizational Transformation Take away these key learnings about the Barriers to Organizational Transformation – ~ Top 10 Reasons for Failure in Continuous Improvement ~ The 4 Main Barriers to Organizational Improvement ~Read… Read more »