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Successful Bid Proposal to Product Manufacture

Successful Bid Proposal to Product Manufacture If you operate the type of organization that requires you to bid on work, you need to know how to compete the entire process successfully from bid to engineering to manufacture. This process is as much an art as a science, and cannot be taken lightly. Just winning theRead… Read more »

NIST Plans $7M in Additive Manufacturing R&D Grants

The National Institute of Standards and Technology will allocate $7.4 million for research initiatives to evaluate technologies used in emerging product development processes, Green Car Congress reported Thursday. Ohio-based National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute and Northern Illinois University will receive $5 million and $2.4 million, respectively, for additive manufacturing projects. NAMII, which operates under theRead… Read more »

The Third Industrial Revolution Is Beginning

Edmund Pendleton, the Assistant Director of the Mtech VentureAccelerator at the University of Maryland, was a panelist at The Democratization of Innovation meeting. He observed we are entering the third industrial revolution. The shift from local shops to locating multiple crafts and trades in a factory setting was the hallmark of the first industrial revolution.Read… Read more »

Water Works – PLCs control all USA remote pump sites.

So it would be wise for all Water Works personnel to seek additional real-world PLC safety and reliability training, not just scholastic learning. (A PLC is a Programmable Logic Controller) See the video to learn more about the risk to our infrastructure and proper training. If any of you have questions about PLCs, I canRead… Read more »

California Space Race

A vocal and well-prepared team of aerospace professionals and backers in California is gaining momentum in its quest to enhance the region’s aerospace prowess. Influential members from myriad economic development, utility, education, government, military, and defense contractor groups have pooled their talent, assets, know-how, and hefty political backing to form the California Space Authority (CSA)Read… Read more »