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Best Value or LPTA? One Size Does Not Fit All in Acquisition

By Michael Ipsaro, Technical Director, PMP, CCE/A Sound familiar? A complex professional service contract is awarded using the LPTA approach… costs millions more than expected. A recurring supply of widgets or routine services is obtained using a Best Value approach. The delivery is delayed months and when combined with the final price of the contract…..resultsRead… Read more »

Smoother Acquisition Sailing – An Argument for Increased Communication

Article By John Coombs, Fellow, CFCM, DAWIA III On a trip to San Diego I watched a Navy destroyer slip quietly under the Coronado Bridge. I remembered a phrase I’ve repeated many times throughout my career as a procurement leader and manager: “Don’t try to dial up an aircraft carrier in port to the perfectRead… Read more »

Think Agile in Modular Acquisition for IT

By Tom Kuhn, PhD, DAWIA III Government agencies need the most innovative IT solutions, but they also need to “innovate with less.” That’s where Modular Acquisition comes in, taking a “small bites” approach to IT investment, which gives government fast access to the latest technology while lowering the risk of upfront spending on systems. TheRead… Read more »

The Hidden Costs of Firm-Fixed Price Contracts

By John Coombs, CFCM, DAWIA III As fiscal pressures rise, senior leaders across the federal government place additional emphasis on Firm-Fixed Price (FFP) contracts. A prime example is the Department of Defense “Better Buying Power” memoranda. FFP contracting is an important method to add simplicity and cost efficiency, but with respect to services, FFP contractingRead… Read more »

OMB 300/53 Business Case: The Path to Green Scores, Part II

By Mike Ipsaro, PMP, CCE/A, In my first post about the OMB 300/53, I laid out the operational basics, the scoring, and important stakes behind managing the business case process. Having supported a customer to achieve all green scores across a complex investment portfolio for two consecutive years, I can share with you the strategiesRead… Read more »

Business Case Primer: How OMB 300/53 Can Lead to All-Green Scores

By Mike Ipsaro, PMP, CCE/A, Technical Director Each year Program Managers are tasked with proving that investments align with agency mission and support business needs with low risk during the investment lifecycle. The OMB Budget Exhibit 300/53 is a business case that justifies the strategic and economic value of any investment, say for example, inRead… Read more »