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Supervisors Should Manage Consequences, not Discipline

One of the critical responsibilities that rests on the shoulders of supervisors is employee discipline. Many times discipline is viewed as something negative hence it tends to be avoided — which just causes more problems. One way to address this issue is to change mindset and terminology about discipline and instead focus on the concept… Read more »

Add An Awesome Accelerator to Your Leadership Tools

Recognition is something that everyone desires and seeks when they perform on and off the job. Recognition helps us meet a significant ego need we all have. When our performance also meets our personal needs, our motivation to continue good performance is significantly increased. By combining recognition with any of these tools it serves as… Read more »

Leadership Development and Selection in a VUCA World

Likely you’ve heard the term VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) and, perhaps, some agencies have begun utilizing the acronym in long-term strategic planning. But have you thought about its application in leadership selection and development? Here are some considerations to think about. Recently, at an international conference relating to assessment center methods, I listenedRead… Read more »