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The Rhythm of Work

Just like their love of my drum set will ebb and flow, there is a rhythm to everything, including my own feelings towards what I do. There have been times when I’m so excited to go to work the next day that I have trouble sleeping; and then there are times when I’m dreading it… Read more »

40 Hours of Fun

There are endless ways to deal with stress: exercise, music, meditation, prioritization, etc. But there’s one that government employees don’t talk about as often: laughter.

How to Save Yourself from Office Negativity

I love many things about my job. The agency has a meaningful and worthwhile mission that I believe in. I share a mutual respect with my supervisor. I enjoy real friendships with a few of my coworkers and professionally appreciate many more. There are perks to my job: I can work from home sometimes, I’mRead… Read more »