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How to Get Rid of IT Sprawl

So you’ve officially decided that the obsolete, inefficient way of managing information technology at your agency should no longer be utilized. Congratulations! You’ve effectively decided to get rid of IT sprawl, a reality too often seen in government. As a refresher, IT sprawl happens when information is separated, disparate applications are deployed, and there areRead… Read more »

What Can Government Do with Mobile?

This is the last part of a three-part series exploring mobile enterprise and application platforms with Red Hat, a leader in the open source industry. Read the other two blog posts here and here. Power outages: they’re a reality far too often for cities and towns often by large storms. We’ve all been there –Read… Read more »

How the City of Boston Built a Culture of Data-Driven Decisions

GovLoop hosted its State and Local Tech Trends Virtual Training, an all-day, virtual event with 5 different training webinars and resources to help state and local govies do their job better. Be sure to read the other recaps here. Instead of keeping integral data in a folder on the desk, what if there was aRead… Read more »

How Information Security Can be Optimized through Partnerships, Collaboration and Outsourcing

Information security for government agencies is a hot topic these days, and it needs to be confronted in a concerted, specific manner. There are a few factors at hand in the question of information security. Inability to keep abreast of threats, poor risk management understanding, inadequate funding for security initiatives and a shortage of qualifiedRead… Read more »

Great Management and Efficiency are Not an Oxymoron

It’s the ultimate catch-22. With limited time in the work day and an ever-growing stack of projects and assignments, how much time do government agencies really have to put into energizing their employees. Considering the gap between worker satisfaction in the private sector versus the public sector has nearly tripled since 2010, it is aRead… Read more »

Why Big Data Storage doesn’t have to be a Big Problem  

Did you miss out? Yesterday, GovLoop hosted its Second Annual State and Local Government Innovators Virtual Summit, an all-day, virtual event with 6 different online trainings, networking opportunities and resources to help state and local govies do their jobs better. You can now watch past sessions and be sure to read the other recaps here.Read… Read more »

The Time for Digital Innovation is Now

In the second installment of Back to the Future, the widely acclaimed cult hit from Steven Spielberg, the protagonist, Marty McFly, finds himself in 2015 – a shock for his 1985-self. Amidst the many plot twists McFly also encounters the imagined technologies – flying cars, anyone? He also, discovered a government bureaucracy that continued toRead… Read more »