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Position Yourself for Tomorrow

Have you ever watched a television doctor show and the doctors are frantically trying to save someone only to have the person die and flat line. Yes, me too. It’s sad. What’s even sadder are employees that have in a sense flat lined their careers. How so? By failing to position themselves for tomorrow. ItRead… Read more »

How One Man Made an Extra $1,000 Teaching What He Knew

In my last post, I spoke about how the US Postal Service is leveraging its existing expertise in the delivery business to begin a two-year grocery delivery test in San Francisco, CA, and how you can emulate them leveraging your existing skills by teaching what you already know. There are a number of ways youRead… Read more »

12 Ways To Achieve Federal Wealth & Success – Part II

Last week, I wrote a post listing nine things federal employees can do to reach their income potential. This week, I list the last 12 habits based off the book, Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, by Tom Corley. They are: You Reject Self-Limiting Thoughts – Successful people command their thoughts andRead… Read more »

9 Ways You’re Not Reaching Your Federal Income Potential

Every month I eagerly await my subscription to Success Magazine. I love this magazine not only because I get in the mail (I love the Postal Service and not just because I work there), but also because every month it comes with a CD filled with interviews filled with success tips. Success Publisher Darren HardyRead… Read more »