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One Bureaucratic Act of Kindness per Day

A majority of Americans view government employees in a negative light; we are viewed as overpaid and underqualified according to most polls of the general public. While research shows that this isn’t true (see my last blog post), how do we improve public perception of government employees? For those of us that interface with theRead… Read more »

7 Ways Government Employees Differ from Private Sector Employees

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 17% of working Americans are employed by the public sector. Here on Govloop, we all know what makes us different than private sector employees, but what does the research say? A look at the available research revealed 7 surprising (and not so surprising!) ways that government employeesRead… Read more »

Avoiding the “Jaded Fed” Syndrome

We all know them – the long (or short) term career bureaucrat, counting down the days (months, decades) to retirement, seething in negativity and boredom. These employees contribute to poor public perception, engage in bristly customer service and their negativity can bring others down with them, creating a toxic work environment. Here are some tipsRead… Read more »