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How Can You Shape the ESRI ArcGIS User Conference?

Calling all presenters! Esri wants you to be part of the ultimate resource for Esri Users! Do you have a knowledge and a passion for ArcGIS? Want to share your tips, strategies, and accomplishments with fellow GIS professionals? Esri is looking for ArcGIS users to submit presentation abstracts for Esri’s next user conference. You canRead… Read more »

Looking through the Global Economic Crystal Ball

Deloitte Research recently released it’s fourth quarter edition of the Global Economic Outlook. The report offers an overall view of trends and events shaping the world market. Some key questions answered in this edition of the report are: -Is the US headed for a recession? -Will the euro survive? -How much will reconstruction spending boostRead… Read more »

Extreme Makeover: IT Department Edition?

How does your IT department look from an outside perspective, maybe even your CIO’s perspective? Check out this insightful post from Centurylink’s own Blake Wetzel. It really asks the big questions that all of us should be exploring! Originally posted in the ThinkGig Blog. We’ve all had those moments: A time when we take aRead… Read more »

Aetna Goes Mobile!

Aetna is now with you wherever you go. All you need is your phone! Say you are on the road and need a doctor, or maybe you find out you need a specialist while at the doctor’s office. With a couple of taps of the finger, an in-network provider is found, and you can call,Read… Read more »

Social Media In Government: Which Tools Should I Use?

The criticism that social media in the workplace is merely a distraction to employees and a waste of billable time is becoming a thing of the past. The evolution of social media’s presence in the public sector is changing the way that government organizations connect with citizens and improving the way in which employees doRead… Read more »

What does 7 Billion People Look Like?

By the end of 2011, it is projected that the Earth’s population will pass 7 billion! Have you ever wondered what that looks like? Esri has created maps to explore just this. These interactive maps answer each of the following questions: Where do People Live? How Rapidly is Population Growing? How Long are People Living?Read… Read more »

Does it Take Two to Tango?

Happy Friday everyone! They always say, three’s a crowd, but does it take two to tango? I think it’s safe to say, yes. Check back for next week’s GEICO Friday Fun Video! ———————————– GEICO was created in 1936 to provide auto insurance to federal government employees and their families. 75 years later, GEICO is oneRead… Read more »

The GEICO Gecko’s Epic Journey Continues

Happy Friday everyone! As we have seen, the GEICO Gecko has begun a journey across the nation Where has the his epic quest taken him? Check out this week’s GEICO Friday Fun Video to find out! If only the Gecko could us money on parking tickets… ——————————————— GEICO was created in 1936 to provide autoRead… Read more »