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Who are you rooting for on the ice?

Happy Friday Everyone! Time for our weekly GEICO Friday Fun Video! Well folks, it’s winter time, which means one thing: hockey season. Who are you rooting for on the ice? Check out how hockey has changed over the past 75 years: What was the best thing about GEICO 75 years ago? The savings. And they’reRead… Read more »

Esri Federal GIS Conference: How does ArcGIS Apply to Your Agency?

Esri’s upcoming Federal GIS Conference is sure to be an awesome couple of days. Attendees are going to learn a ton about incredible GIS technology and what it will do for the federal government. You may think that ArcGIS is really cool, but wonder how it applies to your agency and your job. Be sureRead… Read more »

Pothole Ever Get You Down?

Happy Friday, everyone! If there is one thing I’ve experienced while driving through various cities, it’s been the potholes. A small bump in the road can instantly turn your tire flat and your commute sour. As cities go through climate changes, wear and tear of roadways starts to show in the form of potholes. However,Read… Read more »

Esri Federal GIS Conference: I Have No Idea What GIS Is

Lately, we’ve been talking about Esri’s upcoming Federal GIS Conference, and I know what a lot of you may be thinking: “A conference completely devoted to discussing GIS sounds really cool, but I don’t know anything about GIS!” Is this you? Maybe you know of GIS, but feel like you don’t know enough to diveRead… Read more »

Kids Leaving the Nest?

For a parent, nothing is more freeing, and terrifying, than handing over the keys to their young driver. While there is no more pick-ups at the movies on Friday night, or carting to soccer practice, a parent’s anxiety about their child’s safety is bound to increase. Parents of young drivers want to make sure theirRead… Read more »

Esri Federal GIS Conference: Don’t Miss a Thing!

Have you ever gone to a conference full of exciting events and exhibits, but didn’t know where to start and found yourself feeling a little overwhelmed? Have you wanted to hear a panel discussion on a specific topic rather than a general session, or you wanted to find out which of the conference’s social eventsRead… Read more »

Is Your Internet Connection Slowing You Down?

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing worse than needing to complete a project for work, but being delayed by the internet! How has a Slow Internet Connection Ever Reduced Your Productivity? CenturyLink Government is quickly improving the connectivity of government, and recently announced that a five-year task order will be fully implementedRead… Read more »

Emergency Room Waits Eliminated?

Emergency’s happen, and when they do, they are very stressful. If you are away from home and an emergency occurs, you want to know where to find the nearest emergency room, where it is, and how long you will be there. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a mobile application that gave you allRead… Read more »