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Tell Me a Story…

After the relief of receiving her high school diploma in 1967, Carmi’s next thought was, “Now what?” Her friend said, “College,” so Carmi did that and four years later, with degree in hand, she thought, “Now what?” And then, “Work.” So, she did that, not knowing that every few years, when she sensed an invisibleRead… Read more »

Wanted: Pure, Rational and Patient Public Servants

In early February, I shared my alarm over the public’s apparent lack of trust in their public servants. As reported in a U.S. Conference of Mayors/Zogby Analytics national survey, people trusted small business owners and young persons fresh out of grad school, in that order, to guide them through the challenges of the 21st Century.Read… Read more »

Got Balance?

When I was growing up, I’m sure my parents and most others who were working adults struggled with what we now call “work-life balance.”  My dad had a full-time job and worked part-time on weekends.  My grandmother worked in other people’s homes, and my mom worked outside the home, off-and-on, but mostly kept our home.Read… Read more »


I want to give a shout-out to people who, over the last couple of months, have felt harried, desperate, confounded and fulfilled.  These are the “statetographers,” my new word for people who facilitate the annual expression of a leader’s internal vision to a wider audience.  Others might call you “speechwriters,” but your craft and callingRead… Read more »