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Does Your Agency’s Reputation Precede You?

There are lots of jobs with stigmas attached to them. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all heard at least one or two lawyer jokes in our lifetime. Speaking of which… A lawyer walks into a bar. Just kidding…I’m not going down that road. Government employees sometimes get a bad rap, but the truthRead… Read more »

How are You Spending Your Saving?

Full disclosure: I came into work today a little grumpy. It’s Monday and that’s pretty much just the way of the world. But, this Monday is particularly challenging because it’s one of the first days after the start of Daylight Saving Time. My body clock is still off and I’m definitely feeling the effects ofRead… Read more »

The Oscars: Spotlighting Important Issues

Last night was the 87th annual Academy Awards, also known as my favorite night of the year. Pretty much from the day the Oscar nominees are announced, I start plotting how on earth I’m going to see all of the films with Best Picture nominations. Now, seeing the Best Picture nominees isn’t a huge task,Read… Read more »

Proud To Do Things “Like a Girl”

Welcome to Super Bowl Monday, everybody! For those of you who hoped Super Bowl shenanigans ended strictly at the stroke of midnight and whatever team/players/coaches you didn’t care for would turn into pumpkins…I’m sorry. You will undoubtedly overhear people discussing every facet of the game, every commercial, and every second of the halftime show allRead… Read more »

Many Hands Really Do Make Light Work

I know, I know. That “many hands make light work” expression is nothing new. We’ve all heard it before, although, I typically prefer a different variation: “teamwork makes the dream work”. I’ve always accepted it to be true, but I have never seen it on quite the scale that I witnessed at Arlington National CemeteryRead… Read more »