Unemployment “MEDIA” reports.

Just a fair warning to get all you facts before doom-and-gloom is announced. Yes, the unemployment rate is rising in this country, but for differing reasons. My belief (theory) is a challenging one at best. I do agree that the financial CRASH contributed to a vast part of the overall numbers for businesses around theRead… Read more »

GovLoop Member of the Week: Anita Arile, Management Analyst, Government of Guam

After what seemed like a very long and cold winter in Washington, DC, we are finally experiencing the greatest weather ever! No rain in sight, at least not this weekend. Sunny skies, 70-degree weather, who could ask for more? It reminds me of my time in Tucson, Arizona…how I miss those hot blasting rays allRead… Read more »


There has been a number of questions posed in different areas of govLoop about Web 2.0 policies. In developing ours, I originally looked at Sun Microsystems’ and IBM’s policies. A few drafts later, it looked little like the first version, but hit the important points. As we worked through the process we decided that aRead… Read more »

“Sweet GovTweets” Fri 17 April 2009

Apologies for errors in advance: osrin: Open Government… we need UN commissioned Algorithm Inspectors. #opengov @lyne_robichaud: Empowerment means handing over control to citizens, and can also mean encouraging community self-help. [Euro #gov20 whitepaper] @Collabforge: New post on Gov 2.0: Better, Faster & Now w/ Added Collaboration: #gov20 #innovation #socialmedia @adrianshort: @dorsetforyou I thinkRead… Read more »

Meeting Notes from April 17th ACT-IAC Content Delivery Committee

ACT/IAC Content Delivery Committee Teleconference April 17, 2009 Meeting Attendees: Martha Przysucha, Program Chair, C&T SIG Tchad Moore, Group Lead, Applied Web 2.0, C&T SIG Tom Suder, Group Lead, Web 2.0 Technologies, ET SIG Angela Norris, ACT Top 10 Committee Lead, Program Committee Mary Davie, Acting Asst Commissioner for Customer Accounts and Research, GSA FASRead… Read more »

Digital etiquette – are government agencies adequately prepared to engage appropriately online?

Republished from eGovAU. Etiquette is important in every form of social engagement. When Australians meet others for the first time we exchange names, shake hands and make light conversation before getting down to the main topic of conversation. Other cultures have different social etiquette. Many hug or kiss cheeks on first meeting, exchange business cardsRead… Read more »

Does city living trim greenhouse gas emissions?

A recent study says that it does. The authors of this study, published in The Journal of Urban Planning and Development, quantified the emissions from building materials and construction, home heating and power demands, and transportation energy, in both urban suburban neighborhoods in the Toronto metro area. And they found that downtown residents use radicallyRead… Read more »

Part 2 of 3- Twitterrific! The Most Useful Web 2.0 Apps/Tools For Twitter

If you are trying to implement twitter in your business or government social networking efforts, these apps and tools may “expand your horizons” for better use. Second twenty for review: 21. Mr. Tweet: is a personal networking agent who helps expand a network easily by recommending you to relevant followers, helping you discover people relevantRead… Read more »

SSA’s Free Teleconference on Hiring the Disabled

The Social Security Administration recently received funding to hire a signficant number of employees throughout the country. This hiring initiative offers a unique opportunity for individuals with disabilities who may want to get a job with SSA. SSA will be hosting a national teleconference on this issue specifically for Employment Networks, State Vocational Rehabilitation StaffRead… Read more »