The Road to the High Performance Workforce – Get Employed

Previously posted on Unleash The Monster By Lee Ramsayer In our previous posts we’ve introduced the concept of the high-performance workforce and the steps states and regions need to take to get their workforce prepared to meet new employment demands. Specifically, we’ve discussed how real-time labor intelligence can help to diagnose deficits and surpluses inRead… Read more »

Action Needed Now on Acquisition Workforce Reforms

From the Acquisition Corner A recent piece in FCW from Dee Lee, now executive vice president of federal affairs and operations at the Professional Services Council (PSC), highlights the need to temper acquisition workforce analysis with action. Her piece is a follow up to her Aug. 5 testimony before Congress to discuss the multi-sector acquisitionRead… Read more »

Politics as Usual?

Working in Washington DC for the last 30 years has affected me. I take all the politics in the local news for granted. Here in DC we eat, drink, and breathe politics. Nearly every story is tainted with it. Some years ago I was in Omaha, Nebraska on a business trip. Yes, Omaha, Nebraska. IRead… Read more »

The Decision Tree

In my experience as an executive coach, I have seen how some managers—particularly those who are new in their leadership roles—have struggled with the concept of delegation. Managers who wisely and effectively delegate are able to accomplish much more than those who lasso and corral the tasks that their employees should be doing themselves. ReasonsRead… Read more »

How our segregated neighborhoods reflect our segregated workplaces

PBS produced a documentary with a corresponding website titiled,”Race: The Power of an Illusion”. This documentary details all the major issues surrounding race, it’s legacy, it’s origination, and the discrimination and predjudice that still exists today as a result of racial bigotry. The current atmosphere in today’s business world is that the isms (racism, sexism,Read… Read more »

Great DHS SOA/ESB/NIEM Topic to Follow at the Upcoming NIEM Training Event

Look for this very important NIEM topic at the upcoming NIEM Training event: “Implementing NIEM as a Canonical Model for Information Sharing at DHS/USCIS”. This presentation will be given by Hector Alicea, HLA & Associates, LLC ( ) on behalf of DHS USCIS… From the NIEM Training Event agenda ( ): “This presentationRead… Read more »

OPM Hiring Reforms S 736

And it moves foward… from Gov exec Budget office predicts hiring reforms would cost $40 million By Alex M. Parker August 27, 2009 The Congressional Budget Office estimates federal hiring reforms would cost about $40 million over the next five years — a bargain, according to supporters. “It sounds like we could easily get aRead… Read more »

Dispatches from the Graduate School’s Executive Potential Program

The Graduate School’s Executive Potential Program is a year-long Leadership Development Program for GS13-15s. As part of the program, participants must do two 60-day developmental assignments as well as conduct a series of interviews with Senior Executives. Needless to say, with 135 participants enrolled, there are some fantastic assignments and networking encounters that take placeRead… Read more »

Did you know? The Federal Job Numbers

Originally posted to Unleash the Monster By Monster Government Solutions Team While the country has been faced with the highest unemployment numbers in over two decades, the federal government is currently struggling to fill jobs with qualified candidates. According to our numbers at Monster, agencies using Monster Hiring Management posted 234,144 vacancies across 36 federalRead… Read more »

ForgeMil liveblogging “Community development is a contact sport”

Guy Martin, Community Manager [email protected] @guyma @ForgeMil “Government community development is a contact sport” @guyma @ForgeMil #pfgov #gov20 Vision: Develop a streamlined software development process for GIG (Global Information Grid) DoD Approach: Collaborative environment supporting all stakeholders through the lifecycle Why are we doing this? (Community Rationale) Software code has become central toRead… Read more »