Do Government Agencies Need Viral Video Response Teams?

“On Easter Sunday in a small mountain town, the intentionally playful actions of two employees quickly became a worldwide marketing nightmare for a large company franchise. A slow workday at Domino’s Pizza in Conover, N.C. prompted this duo to create videos showing a male sticking cheese up his nose and then putting it on aRead… Read more »

AUVSI 2009 Interviews and recap if interested

By: Ted Kelly-Ventresca The World’s Largest Collection of Robots and Other Unmanned Systems Hardware at Washington Convention Center, 10-13 August 2009 was an overwhelming success. The AUVSI ( me unprecedented access to talk to the creative minds and companies responsible for the Information Technology that drives the future of battlefield, battle space and homeland securityRead… Read more »

How to Build a Bigger and Better Referral Business

Commit to Your Clients Committing to your clients shows them that they are #1. Assure them that their needs are paramount. This will take care of the majority of the referral work. Explain Your Business Explain to your clients what your business entails. Let them know that you are own a referral-based business, and thatRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: Obama Targets Backlog Of Veterans’ Claims

The Obama administration is calling once again on federal employees to submit ideas on improving government services. This time, it is targeting the amount of time and effort it takes to process veterans’ disability benefits. The number of unresolved disability claims has soared this year, prompting protests from veterans groups and members of Congress. TheRead… Read more »

Member of Week: Lovisa Williams, Department of State

LOVISA WILLIAMS: GOVLOOP MEMBER OF THE WEEK (and general rockstar) By Andy Krzmarzick Few people in the Government 2.0 space are focusing on the international aspects of social media, such as what we can learn from other countries that are implementing and how it can be used to bridge geographical and cultural divides. Enter LovisaRead… Read more »

Our next big step

The next major step in our Web 2.0 initiative will be the launch of our online training project. A number of months ago, as you may remember, I started working with Moodle to present an online training option. Over the summer we have had an extra employee, one that is shared with our elections department,Read… Read more »

“Cutting Edge” Strategies for Reorganizing or Downsizing: The “Stress Doc’s” Top Ten Tips for Tip-Top Management

[Cautionary Note: This article may be hazardous to the ironically-impaired.] In this era of organizational restructuring or downsizing, or better still, right-sizing, or most on target, what I call “fright-sizing,” the challenge for top management is having the savvy and guts to gut much of your workforce while still maintaining survivor productivity and team moraleRead… Read more »

Exciting news for the VHA and open source healthcare information technology

The Open Source community has a history of using the FOIA version of the VHA’s VistA/CPRS and making it accessible for use outside the VHA. The open source, Liberty Medical Software Foundation has now started an organization proposing collaboration with the VHA for further development and innovation of the VHA’s system. In this time ofRead… Read more »

The Dynamics of Creative Leadership-Partnership: Forces and Concepts for Transforming Change and Conflict into Creativity and Community

What does it take to be a creative leader? I definitely have been giving this some thought, developing and increasingly applying three programs in the past two years:  “Transforming Change and Conflict into ‘Passion Power’: The Art of Inspiring Leadership”  “Does Your Organization Need a Jolt of CPR – Generating Creativity, Passion andRead… Read more »