PARTS 1, 2, AND 3…ALL TOGETHER ON ONE PAGE!!! Twitterrific! The Most Useful Web 2.0 Apps/Tools For Twitter If you are trying to implement Twitter in your business or government social networking efforts, these apps and tools are my top picks for 2009: 1. TwitterAnalyzer: lets you see different statistic charts about you and yourRead… Read more »

42 Ways You Can Help the Planet

AT HOME 1. ENERGY CONSERVATION. If every home in the United States replaced just one incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), the energy saved would prevent greenhouse-gas emissions equivalent to taking 1 million cars off the road, says Arthur Rosenfeld, a physicist and member of the California Energy Commission. He alsoRead… Read more »

GovLoop Project of the Week – An Interview with Bill Finnerty on the Cumberland County Web 2.0 Initiative

1. What is this web 2.0 initiative in your county all about? This project grew from an understanding in IT that there were better ways to communicate with each other and the public. There are so many tools out there that we can use to communicate with different constituencies, even foster a dialog between them.Read… Read more »

Creative Application Contests: Engaging Developers in the Public Sphere

(note: This is a repost from To view the original post with all hyperlinks and comments, click here) Last November, Vivek Kundra, current CIO of the USA and former CTO of DC, launched Apps for Democracy, a contest designed to crowdsource the best public sector data-mashup applications from private developers. The top submissions fromRead… Read more »

Adam’s Belle an important historical and cultural work

Following is a review I wrote recently of a fascinating book, “Adam’s Belle: A Memoir of Love Without Bounds,” by Joyce Burnett in collaboration with the late Isabel Washington Powell, first wife of the late Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. This book can be obtained from DBM Press, LC . Adam’s Belle rings true AdamRead… Read more »

Unemployment “MEDIA” reports.

Just a fair warning to get all you facts before doom-and-gloom is announced. Yes, the unemployment rate is rising in this country, but for differing reasons. My belief (theory) is a challenging one at best. I do agree that the financial CRASH contributed to a vast part of the overall numbers for businesses around theRead… Read more »

GovLoop Member of the Week: Anita Arile, Management Analyst, Government of Guam

After what seemed like a very long and cold winter in Washington, DC, we are finally experiencing the greatest weather ever! No rain in sight, at least not this weekend. Sunny skies, 70-degree weather, who could ask for more? It reminds me of my time in Tucson, Arizona…how I miss those hot blasting rays allRead… Read more »


There has been a number of questions posed in different areas of govLoop about Web 2.0 policies. In developing ours, I originally looked at Sun Microsystems’ and IBM’s policies. A few drafts later, it looked little like the first version, but hit the important points. As we worked through the process we decided that aRead… Read more »