Green IT Best Practices

This newsletter focuses on Green IT and the growing awareness that governments, businesses, and nongovernmental organizations need to better manage their use of technology in an environmentally responsible manner. As large purchasers of electronic products and services, they have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to provide leadership through environmentally sound practices and cost-effective, life-cycle management of their electronic assets. Accordingly, many governments and other organizations are taking a closer look at the design, procurement, operations, and end-of-life management of electronics to identify steps that can be taken.

With today’s challenging market conditions – rising energy and real estate costs, increased regulatory scrutiny and higher customer expectations – “going green” is not only about being socially responsible, it is an economic and regulatory imperative. The 18 articles by non-profit, industry, and federal, state, local and other national government experts, address many of the ways our public institutions are working toward socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and economically sound practices.

Highlights of the newsletter include:

• What Does “Going Green” with Information Technology Mean? By Molly O’Neill, Former Chief Information Officer, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
• Achieving a Green IT Strategy Through Cloud Computing, by David McQueeny, Vice President, Technology and Strategy, IBM.
• Cascade County Wind Marketing, by Peggy Beltrone, Commissioner, Cascade County, Montana.
• The Virtual State of Tennessee, by Mark Hackney, Information Systems Director, State of Tennessee.
• The New Challenge of IT Asset Disposal, by Joe Strathmann, Americas Takeback Organization, Dell.

http://www.scribd.com/doc/15090120/Green-IT or

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