Innovation Survey: How do Federal leaders advance innovation within their organization?

Discussing innovation within the Federal Government typically brings to mind images of Todd Park and Vivek Kundra or the TSA IdeaFactory and DARPA. This is not the common face of innovation for many Federal leaders. Federal executives lead innovative organizational changes from process improvements to new acquisition strategies regularly. I want to know what lessons you have learned and successes you have celebrated as you take an innovative idea or change initiative from concept through execution. How did you get from your initial idea to quantitative results? What were the pitfalls along the way and what had to be in place to ensure success? How did you manage the force of the status quo?

Please take 10 minutes out of your day to provide me your insights by selecting the below link.

Survey closes on July 6th!

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David Dejewski

Wow… There is an aweful lot that goes into moving an innovative idea or change initiative from concept through execution. It’s taken months for people to understand this – that,s with near daily interaction. I’ll take your survey, but I think you’re on to something bigger here. An actual walk through might be fun to talk about.

Tiffany Wan

David, I totally agree with you. I love the idea of doing a walk through with an SES innovator. That is a terrific idea! The survey is just a launching point to understand crucibles of innovation, the actual hurdles a real government innovator faces, and how people have overcome these hurdles in real life. Love the ideas, keep em coming!