Mapping a Customer’s Journey: An Exercise to Benefit Any Business Selling to Government

As the D.C. business community is dealing with many challenges these days, it is always good to keep all of your customer service capabilities as sharp as possible. With fewer dollars to chase, the competition is getting very stiff and contractors need to embrace new ideas for keeping government customers happy.

I recently had the privilege of participating in an educational workshop hosted by GovLoop and Oracle called ‘Mapping the Customer Journey,’ which was designed to gain a deeper understanding of customer motivations for improving overall service.

While much of the event was geared toward government agencies, plenty of key takeaways could benefit contractors – or anyone in business, for that matter. I would like to share how this process worked and hopefully provide our readers with the tools they need to improve service.

The journey mapping exercise started with us dividing into small groups where we used use sticky-notes and whiteboards to brainstorm creative solutions to complex customer challenges.

In journey mapping, a customer’s experience is visually laid out from beginning to end. The exercise starts by broadly defining the touch points between the customer and the company. From there, it’s all about filling in the details.

Be sure to check out the full FedConnects post here.

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