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Open Government Links of the Past Week (or so) – April 8, 2011

Here’s some links related to open government for the past week or so. Enjoy!

Happy One Year Anniversary! A Year of Progress in Open Government

  • “Though it’s being overshadowed by the budget discussions this week, it’s important to note (and celebrate!) that today (April 7th) is the one year anniversary of Agency Open Government Plans.”
  • “So to honor the one year anniversary of Open Gov, I’ve listed a few examples of what the Federal Open Government community has accomplished to date in a remarkably short period of time.”
  • (Here’s the GovLoop version – where I originally saw the post)

This school got so many FOIL requests that it hired another person

(HT VA Coalition for Open Gov’t email)

White House releases IT Dashboard as open source code

Does electronic anonymity short-circuit public discourse?

  • Discussion about cell phones being used during meetings by board members, decorum, etc.

Report: Agencies unsure how to archive social media

  • “When many agencies capture social media records for archiving–to the extent they do–they do so by printing out the content onto paper and storing that, finds a report from an industry advisory group.
  • “The report, released April 1 and prepared by a special interest group of the Fairfax, Va.-based American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council, incorporates information gleaned from interviews with officials from nine federal agencies, and also from the city of Washington, D.C.”

This was originally posted at the company that I work for’s product blog (Disclosure: the product deals w/ transparency, gov’t, & technology).

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