Finding the Gold in Public Health Research Databases

Healthcare researchers often rely solely on clinical trial data to perform their research which can be expensive and take time. In this short video, you’ll learn how more generalizable and robust insights can be gained by leveraging health research databases and automation. Start the video: Brought to you by:

Getting What You Need from Data Analytics

Government agencies typically have a lot of data. What they often lack is stakeholder buy-in and an easy way to extract relevant information for smarter decision-making. This video covers best practices for increasing the adoption of data analytics in your agency. Start the video: Brought to you by:

How to Make Sense of Your Agency’s Data

In this course, we examine the barriers that many agencies face in bridging the gap between collection and analytics. We also identify the three critical tasks that agencies must achieve to glean insights from their data. Finally, we examine how data analytics can have real impact on the operations of government agencies.

Data Analytics Fundamentals

Data is powerful. We can use it to shape policies; craft citizen services; and even secure government. But it takes more than data alone to drive better decision-making and ultimately better outcomes. We also need the right tools to combine that data and search for patterns, anomalies and trends that otherwise would go undetected. ByRead… Read more »