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6 Questions to Help Ensure Your Personal Work Goals are Designed to Succeed

Whether you’ve helped create your goals or they’ve been handed to you, ask yourself the following questions to help ensure they are the right goals for you and your organization. You can then use this info to have an informative discussion with your manager about your goals.

Thinking Outside the Box as a Government Scientist

As a scientist, I’m a linear thinker. One of the defining features of my role is leveraging the scientific method to learn things about the molecules and processes that are central to my agency’s mission. Often the only way to arrive at some conclusions is to use the controlled thought process that the scientific method… Read more »

10 Tips for Communicating Agency Goals to Your Employees

It’s important that leaders at all levels of an organization effectively communicate these goals with their employees. Clearly defining agency goals helps give employees direction and can energize their efforts if they understand what they are working toward. Here are ten tips on the best ways for communicating and engaging your employees in broader agency… Read more »