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8 Actions to Turn Engagement into Action: How to Truly Empower People

Turning engagement into action is even easier yet not often done. How is that done? By taking those engaged persons and setting them up to be empowered to make decisions and take action. Here are eight actions that you need to take to make this shift.

6 Questions to Help Ensure Your Personal Work Goals are Designed to Succeed

Whether you’ve helped create your goals or they’ve been handed to you, ask yourself the following questions to help ensure they are the right goals for you and your organization. You can then use this info to have an informative discussion with your manager about your goals.

Part 2: Leadership and Building a Clear Ethical Program

WWSJD? What Would Steve Jobs Do? Could Apple employees ask themselves this and know what to do in a tricky situation? Can your employees ask themselves what YOU would do in an unusual situation and know what they should do? In last week’s blog I introduced the Malcolm Baldrige and Florida Sterling business management modelsRead… Read more »