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2011 PMF In-Person Assessment: Locations

[Also posted here] In-person assessments for the 2011 PMFs begin on Tuesday, January 18 and run through Friday, February 18 at four locations throughout the U.S. According to the PMF Program Office, all notifications have gone out, so all 1530 of you should be scheduled for an assessment date and location (assuming you went aheadRead… Read more »

2011 PMF In-Person Assessment: Open Thread

[Also posted here] Now that the 2011 Presidential Management Fellows semifinalists have been chosen and the PMF Program Office has posted the list, it’s time to think about the next hurdle, the in-person assessment. 1530 people (congratulations to you!) will convoke in four cities around the country between mid-January and late-February for a day-long assessmentRead… Read more »

The Conversation on Radical Information Transparency and the Government continues

” . . . the national security apparatus is groaning under the weight of record amounts of classified information, not to mention the attendant material costs of protecting its secrets for longer and longer periods of time. To be sure, this is partly due to the fact that it’s collecting more intelligence than ever before,Read… Read more »

Office of Implementation Assessment: Creating a Crowdsourced Virtual Agency

I believe that the best argument made by Eggers and O’Leary in If We Can Put a Man on the Moon was the need for lawmakers to consider how their proposals will be implemented when the programs are passed to the agencies. I was thinking about this when I was visiting the Woodrow Wilson Center’sRead… Read more »

Using 180 degree feedback instead of 360 degree feedback: Some ideas

360 degree assessments can make a big difference in employee development, but what if your organization is not ready for 360 feedback? Consider using 180-degree format: self + supervisor. 6 Key Reasons to Consider 180-degree feedback instead of 360: Reality check – allows the person being rated the benefit of comparing self-perception of strengths andRead… Read more »

Making Technology a Part of Your City’s Vision

by Sophicity Is technology a part of your city’s long term vision? If not, it should be. While most cities have long term plans for economic development or infrastructure improvement, the prevailing thinking is that IT planning only covers short-term immediate needs that don’t go beyond the next budget cycle. However, such planning is reactionaryRead… Read more »