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Medium: Is It The Perfect Fit for Government?

This week, the popular self-publishing platform Medium becomes officially available to federal agencies. Hold up. Medium is not just a publishing platform. It’s social media. It’s a community. It’s a writing tool. It’s a story distribution network. It’s a content management system, or CMS. It’s not a CMS. It’s journalism. It’s a blog. It’s a magazine. It’s a publication. It’s aRead… Read more »

Blogging is So Misunderstood: 8 Things Everyone Should Know

I recently started working with two new clients on website projects, and both of them were adamant that they did not want to include blogging on their sites. They viewed blogs as too personal, informal, and unprofessional, and were concerned they would attract spammers and trolls. Their concerns have merit of course, and the negativeRead… Read more »

Calling All Writers! Be a GovLoop Featured Blogger

Thanks for all of your submissions. The application is now closed. At GovLoop, we pride ourselves on our community. There are over 200,000 of you — government employees, industry partners, and knowledge experts — who are extremely engaged. You comment on nearly a thousand posts and discussions each month. You talk to each other inRead… Read more »

Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Becoming a Better Writer

I’ve recently hit an epiphany: Blogging is not my forte. It’s not that I don’t like writing; it just doesn’t come as naturally as one would hope. But just like the average 20-something in the 21st century, I’ve fantasized about getting paid to write about my life, because let’s face it: like the average 20-somethingRead… Read more »

Digital Storytelling vs. Blogging: The Difference is…?

Last week, I wrote about how I go through my creative process, essentially how I get down to the nitty-gritty of how I write a story. When I started this job, I thought I’d just be blogging. Just like I do on any of my personal digital spaces. But instead, I’m doing some “digital storytelling.”Read… Read more »

What You Need To Know About LinkedIn Publisher

Do you want to get more visibility on LinkedIn? Recruiters, potential business partners, and possible leads are searching LinkedIn for people like you – is your profile being found? LinkedIn isn’t just a static site to post your resume or search for jobs, and it’s not just a virtual Rolodex. It’s become a social networkRead… Read more »