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15 Icon Resources

Looking to add visuals to improve your materials? These icon resources will help you out. Finding Icons The Noun Project Iconmonstr Map Icons Smashing Magazine Freebie Icons Search Fontello (font icons) Font Awesome (font icons) FindIcons Creative Commons Search Engine Building a Global Visual Language from The Noun Project on Vimeo. 9) Iconathon “IconathonsRead… Read more »

On Writing

I have an interesting relationship with writing. I actually frequently feel unqualified, unsuited, or presumptuous in writing anything. In my head, every sentence I write starts with “I think,” or “I believe,” or “It appears to be the case that.” My fingers edit those parts out, for two reasons. One is that you, reader, canRead… Read more »

Why Blog?

Why blog? When we asked folks at Blah, Blah, Blog and Blog Lab why they blog, here’s a few of their answers: The boss told me to Recruiters will see me I may make money by blogging I am a writer, and therefore I blog I have something to say and want to share it.Read… Read more »

Better Blogging: 6 Tips for Being Heard Above the Noise

If you are reading this you are no stranger to blogs. You have probably heard the term more times than you can count, have read more than your fair share, and maybe even have your own online novel collecting “dust” in cyberspace. Even still, the desire to be heard above all the chatter on theRead… Read more »

Finding my voice – why I blog

This month I was honoured to be interviewed for a new book on blogging available now on Kindle. Author of ‘Your Blog Voice‘ the fabulous Philippa Davies asked me questions about my blogging for inclusion in the book and she’s kindly allowed me to reproduce my interview here. For interviews with bloggers of all varietiesRead… Read more »

Backblogs and Foreblogs

I try to write something once a week for WeeklyBlogClub. I don’t always succeed. I know that some bloggers can produce a quality post in only a few minutes, but I’m not one of them (although I live in hope). I typically spend a few hours, and sometimes much longer, particularly if there are lotsRead… Read more »

A Dozen Golden Nuggets from the Blog Lab Event

The Web Manager’s Roundtable and Dick Davies put on a powerful practical workshop for active organizational bloggers – covering a broad range of attendee inspired topics, such as process – better/easier blogging; managing – avoiding blogger burnout or lighting the flame; volume – achieving greater distribution & getting more readers; comments – being a commentRead… Read more »