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BlogWorld – New York

BlogWorld & New Media Expo is right around the corner, May 24-26, taking place at the Javits Center in New York City. This is the world’s largest blogging and social media conference, and it’s known worldwide for presenting internet luminaries and entrepreneurs, the most popular and knowledgeable bloggers, podcasters and social media marketing thought leaders.Read… Read more »

Why We Recommended Tumblr for the New Blog

Early last month, quietly launched the new blog on Tumblr. The launch was the result of six months of hard work by the team transitioning their previous blog (called GovGab) into a refreshed blog. We’re proud to have worked on this project for two key reasons: is the first federalRead… Read more »

Tips from Texas Gov 2.0 Camp: Transparency and a Lone Star Legislator

The Texas Gov 2.0 Camp has been happening yesterday and today and I was lucky enough to be on an email string where I learned from Steven Polunsky, Director of the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce for (Texas State) Senator John Carona that they are engaged in some innovative transparency initiatives in the TexasRead… Read more »

Dr. Govlove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

(or or: Why you should join Twitter / start a blog immediately) Note: This post contains GCPEDIA links only accessible within the Government of Canada network. Blogging about blogging. How meta can you get? Not long ago, I made the acquaintance of a young, energized public servant. I was impressed by their1 enthusiasm, imagination, expressionRead… Read more »

How social media is like a royal marrying a commoner

Originally posted to the ChatterBachs blog: “How social media is like a royal marrying a commoner” So, Prince William of Wales is marrying Kate Middleton, a commoner. My how his life has changed from that of his forebears. No, William didn’t look out over the fair (and royal) maidens the world over and select aRead… Read more »

The TSA Blog and 1984

Are government bloggers citizen advocates or are they PR staff required to parrot the agency line? I’ve been thinking about that in reference to the growing controversy about “naked scanners” and groping by agents of the TSA. Despite the countless stories by those who have been groped at TSA checkpoints, “Blogger Bob” of insistsRead… Read more »

7 questions to reflect on before hiring a college intern for social media

Originally posted to the ChatterBachs blog: 7 questions to reflect on before hiring a college intern for social media Wait! Don’t hire that college intern for your social media needs… not just yet, at least. First: Stop, and reflect on the following questions: What do I know about their use of social media? Sure, theyRead… Read more »

4 ways to turn what you’re already doing into blog posts

Originally posted to the ChatterBachs blog: Sometimes when I talk to people about social media, I get the distinct impression that they don’t know what to talk about on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or on blogs. And, yet, when I ask them about their position, business, or industry, they often come across with such passion andRead… Read more »