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Innovation As a Strategic Governmental Partnership

Regardless of how great of a player you are, it takes a team to be successful. The team mentality is discussed in a new report, by the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton, Innovation is a Contract Sport: Ways that agencies can achieve innovative outcomes through acquisitions. The most successful innovation stories includeRead… Read more »

The Secret to Good Government

Could the federal government’s COOs be managing agencies better? Ron Sanders, Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton and the firm’s first fellow, sought to answer this question. In collaboration with the Partnership for Public Service, he and his company surveyed federal COOs to pinpoint the problems that COOs across the public sector frequently encounter inRead… Read more »

It’s Not A Popularity Contest… Or Is It?

The government is faced with a conundrum. It’s unpopular and unattractive for emerging cybersecurity professionals. Unfortunately, the government has been the subject of many recent hacks. On top of this, federal agencies have a great deal of information and services that hackers want to gain access to. So, the government needs more and better cybersecurityRead… Read more »

Talent Management: When the Question Is, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

With the freeze of pay in the air, there are sure to be federal employees – particularly soon to be retirees- asking the question (or humming The Clash,) Should I stay or should I go? Managers should not give up hope. Today in their joint “Keeping Talent” report, the Partnership for Public Service and BoozRead… Read more »

How Can I Convince My Colleagues to NOT Leave Their Jobs?

That question – “How can I convince my colleagues to stick around?” – -was posed by an audience member at an event that I attended this morning which launched a new report called “Keeping Talent: Strategies for Retaining Valued Federal Employees.” The report was produced by the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton,Read… Read more »