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IJIS Institute Publishes Final Report from Procurement Innovation Task Force

Task force focused on the technology procurement process as it applies to the state and local government sector Ashburn, VA (January 7, 2014). The IJIS Institute—a nonprofit organization that focuses on mission-critical information sharing for justice, public safety, and homeland security—is pleased to announce the report entitled, Strategies for Procurement Innovation and Reform. The report,Read… Read more »

Want Real-Time Economic Data? Census Launches An App for That

Did you know that 50% of the Census Bureau is dedicated to economic data? So it makes sense that if you wanted realtime, accurate economic data, data that could help you do your job better, you would go to the Census Bureau. Now they’ve created an app to make getting and understanding that data easier.Read… Read more »

Filling Gaps in US Commerce Department Leadership

President Obama has filled two vital leadership posts in the US Department of Commerce, announcing the appointment of a new Under Secretary for International Trade, and a new Under Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration and head of the Bureau of Industry and Security. Eric L. Hirschhorn, the nominee for Under Secretary of Commerce forRead… Read more »