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The Magical Trifecta: Process Improvement, Project Management and Change Management

In order to deliver more successful projects and realize the benefits of those projects, the alignment of process improvement, project management and change management is needed.

Bridging Fundamental Discontinuity in IT

 1. Introduction IT has been a major productivity tool for business and government over the past few decades. Indeed, the day to day working of the global economy has become dependent on a myriad of computer systems. However, a fundamental discontinuity in IT needs to be bridged to maximise its benefit in the future. BridgingRead… Read more »

Top Five Government Lean Six Sigma Challenges

Workplaces in the private sector and the public sector have many similarities. After all, objectives need to be met and daily work needs to get accomplished. Through our experience with business process management we have identified five major differences between sectors: The Election Cycle Term Limits Legislative Controls Human Resources Structures Revenue is usually notRead… Read more »