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The Next Generation of Open Data

These days, it seems like people are obsessed with numbers. It’s often thought that numbers and statistics are the most powerful source of data. With hard numbers, you can create visuals and graphs to prove your point. No one can dispute your hard data claims. Right? However, there’s a strong argument for moving away fromRead… Read more »

Four Ways One Agency Recognizes that CORs Matter

By Patricia Miller, Senior Acquisition Analyst Recently I wrote an article about the significant role that Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs) play in the acquisition process flow. In “Do COR’s Matter in Your Agency? Why they Should,” I advocated the importance of reassuring CORs that they are a valuable force within acquisition teams. This blog generatedRead… Read more »

Flame Developed by the US and Israel, House Judiciary Committee reauthorizes FISA Amendments Act, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news: An anonymous official confirmed that United States and Israel jointly developed the Flame spying malware. More here. The Veterans Affairs Department would need a staff of 4,000 to scan and digitize its backlogged paper records. More here. The House Judiciary Committee reauthorized the FISA Amendments ActRead… Read more »

CFPB Accepts First Citizen-Submitted Code on Behalf of Federal Government

“Fix typo.” Not quite “one small step for man,” but a significant first nonetheless. These simple words, typed by an open-source developer operating under the pseudonym “iceeey,” may represent the first collaborative effort between the federal government and the broader open-source community, and surely represents a tangible win for the open-government movement as a whole.Read… Read more »

What’s Missing from CFPB’s Awesome New Source Code Policy

Most often, when we talk about open source in government, it’s talked about in one of two ways: either it’s the pitfalls of the federal IT procurement model that can’t seem to comprehend a world in which open-source is an option, much less potentially a superior choice (“acquisition as a roadblock“), or it’s reiterating theRead… Read more »

Treasury Appointee Does Double Duty

Nani Coloretti, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget at Treasury, didn’t come to Washington expecting to set up a governmen agency from scratch. But she was swept up in the aftermath of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street and Reform and Consumer Protection Act, giving her the rare opportunity to help create a brand newRead… Read more »

Help the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau make it easier to shop for a mortgage!

Here at the CFPB Tech Team, we just launched a pretty cool initiative that lets the public weigh in on our draft designs for a new mortgage disclosure form. What’s a mortgage disclosure form, you ask? Read on! (And participate! And spread the word…) This is a major chance to participate in shaping an importantRead… Read more »