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Join us: Open Innovation Festival 2010 #oif2010

The Open Innovation Festival (OIF) will be held for the third time from 29 November until 3 December 2010. The festival aims to innovate the public domain in order to showcase how governmental organizations, the profit sector and knowledge institutions can cooperate. Furthermore, it aims at showing that by working together we will create aRead… Read more »

Behind every great Community there are great Facilitators – The importance of The Facilitators Community for Scottish Local Government

The Communities of Practice (CoP) has over 1,300 UK communities and upward of 57,000 UK members, it is the largest collaborative platform for local government and so can be a daunting place for newcomers. If you begin your CoP journey as a community facilitator, however, this feeling of uncertainty is amplified as you have theRead… Read more »

Inclusion – a brand value to be proud of

The rapid growth, availability and promotion of Web 2.0 services is making organisations in both the public and private sectors rethink their internal and external communication strategies, both on and offline. Any discussions with peers and colleagues will quickly reveal that broadcast only communications are no longer acceptable. When organisations first became bold enough toRead… Read more »

Leaders Lead, Writers Write

For the past eight months I have been part of a leadership program that emphasizes identifying and following your dreams. Since I was in elementary school I have wanted to be a writer. I was good at it. I loved seeing my ideas take form on a page. Writing papers, stories, articles all came easilyRead… Read more »

Americans Claim to Like Diverse Communities but Do They Really?

Below is a link to the blog “Social Capital”. This blog discusses the impact and role of social capital as it relates to building a civic society. The PEW Research Center released a study on social segregation that is truly eye opening and illustrates the difficulty in achieveing an integrated society as well as workplace.Read… Read more »

Public communities vs. private communities

Wednesday was K-TOC’s one-month anniversary. Community activity increases a little bit every day. An engineer wants to kick off a discussion group for practicing engineers. One of our environmental science people is starting a blog. The Traffic Safety people opened a group. (That Traffic Safety wasn’t one of our launch groups was a foolish errorRead… Read more »