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Stakeholder Engagement and the Super Bowl

“When all of the stakeholders come together so quickly, you’ve got magic” – this is what happened a few minutes after the Superdome what dark on during the 2013 Super Bowl. Oreo’s Ad agency, working closely with the business developed an ad and sent it out to twitter, resulting in an instantly successful marketing coup.Read… Read more »

Target Ideation to Get Your Leadership Excited

Catching the spark of excitement from leadership is the fuel to make any activity go forward. From the largest transformation effort to ensuring that all employees are able to wear comfortable shoes, it all starts with the support of Leadership. For government and large company Ideation efforts, this is especially true. But is top leadershipRead… Read more »

Inclusion – a brand value to be proud of

The rapid growth, availability and promotion of Web 2.0 services is making organisations in both the public and private sectors rethink their internal and external communication strategies, both on and offline. Any discussions with peers and colleagues will quickly reveal that broadcast only communications are no longer acceptable. When organisations first became bold enough toRead… Read more »