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A Primer on Local Government Mobile Apps

If you take a look at current television commercials or tech blogs, you’ll quickly find a great deal of attention focused on smartphones and the mobile applications (apps for short) that are built on top of them. While traditionally focused on the Blackberry-dominated business user niche, smartphones made the shift to the mainstream after Apple’sRead… Read more »

Two Tips for Presenting IT Projects to City Council

by Sophicity Every new budget cycle brings a bevy of projects and ideas before city council for approval. While projects like sidewalk improvement or traffic decongestion are easy to explain in terms of benefits and return on investment, IT projects can be a thorny subject, especially if the council is largely made up of non-technicalRead… Read more »

4 Best Practices for Fighting Phishing Attacks

by Sophicity Phishing is a form of fraud that masquerades as an official email or website which attempts to steal a victim’s username, password, and other information. Typically, a scammer will send an email that appears to be from a well-known bank, asking the user to log in to their account. When the victim clicksRead… Read more »

How Cities Can Increase Data Security and Save Money (Hint: Ditch the Tape Drive)

by Sophicity At the end of April 2009, a computer hacker managed to steal over 8.2 million personal records from the State of Virginia’s Prescription Monitoring Program, containing information such as social security and driver’s license numbers. Along with the stolen data, the hacker reportedly erased all of the State’s database backups, leaving no wayRead… Read more »

Meet the Beefalo: A Hybrid Approach to Outsourced Municipal IT Services

By Sophicity. The 17th century saw the widespread introduction of domesticated cows to North American shores by English settlers. However, over the next century it became clear that while the cows were docile and produced good milk and meat, they were not particularly well suited to the harsh winters of the New World and consumedRead… Read more »

3 Ways to Save Money on Municipal IT Energy Costs

by Sophicity When a municipality is tasked with reducing operating costs, one often overlooked area is energy use in the IT infrastructure. With energy prices on the rise, an increasingly taxed power grid and growing public concern over efficiency, new technologies and approaches to the way IT operates can lead to a dramatic reduction inRead… Read more »

Managing the “Graying” of Municipal IT Staff

by Tim Verras, Sophicity The looming retirement of the Baby Boomer Generation is a concern on the horizon for municipal IT managers. Staff with decades of experience in the technologies and processes crucial to the municipality’s operations will be handing over positions to middle or entry level employees. The question for IT managers becomes: HowRead… Read more »

Jazzed About Network Consolidation: A Simple Solution to Cutting Municipal IT Costs

by Tim Verras, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience for Sophicity The great jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus once said, “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” When it comes to IT administration, there are plenty of opportunities to make things unnecessarily complex, especially with the sheerRead… Read more »