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Federal Government Reform Resources: The IBM Center

The IBM Center’s newly-released “Next Four Years” Resource Center updates its 2009 Presidential Transition materials for new political appointees. But it offers more in the way of other good government imperatives that will challenge leaders tomorrow. There are six “go to” topics in the IBM Center’s Resource Center for incoming new political appointees as wellRead… Read more »

Next Four Years: Managing a Balancing Act

How can leaders of Federal programs improve outcomes by capitalizing on approaches and tools developed in the “chiefs” communities (Chief Financial, Information, Acquisition, and Human Capital Officers)? Background Twenty years ago, federal agencies typically did not have senior executives leading key mission support functions such as finance, technology, acquisition, or workforce. Over those two decades,Read… Read more »

Do you need a big fancy title to transform Government IT?

The idea that change can be initiated at every level of an organization is the cornerstone of our corporate and government philosophy. We agree and herald the idea that in our organization, noone’s voice is too small, no title is too low, no person is too insignificant, and that change and transformation can start anywhereRead… Read more »