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Mandatory e-Government – Is it Possible?

Last week, I was about to attend a fascinating session at the 49th session of the Public Governance Committee at OECD in Paris entitled “Innovative Technologies for Improving Public Sector Governance.” Over the course of the day, there were a number of fascinating presenters, including Digital Mexico Group, Behavioral Insights Group from the United Kingdom,Read… Read more »

At the Forefront of Public Sector Innovation

Where does government innovation come from? In the United States there are examples like DARPA’s collaboration with universities and the private industry, and the CIA’s In-Q-Tel private sector partnership. In Denmark, there is MindLab, a private-public enterprise not existing within one department but expanding throughout multiple organizations which acts as something of an innovation special-op.Read… Read more »

Generation Y and Public Management: Issues and Implications [Live Blog from Paris]

Good morning. I am live blogging from the Ministry of Finance in Paris, France, where I am participating in an event hosted by the Institut de la Gestion Publique (Institute for Public Management). This marks the 10th year of an annual event and this year’s theme is “Generation Y and Public Management: Issues and Implications.”Read… Read more »