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Soft Skills Learned Outside of the Office

It was October 2010, and I had a crazy morning at work.  I was out for a jog on the Trinity Trail during my lunch break when I saw two abandoned, skittish Basset Hounds that would forever change my life.  My original plan was to foster these two sweethearts, who we named Hank and Lucy.Read… Read more »

What My Dog Jenny Wants You To Know On Veterans Day

Meet Jenny, she is a 12 and-a-half year old arthritic Samoyed German Shepard abominable snow dog. She is a sweet old soul and enjoys being pulled around Washington DC in her wagon. Like me, Jenny is into social media, she’s also on twitter. A couple weeks ago, our friend Karima suggested to me that JennyRead… Read more »

Everything I know about social media I learned from my dog

My deep dark secret is that my dog is on Facebook and Twitter and has more friends and followers than my personal accounts. He also blogs. While I was already active on Twitter, Facebook and blogging for Virginia State Parks, it took my experience with Yoda (that’s my dog’s name) to see the power ofRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: Andrea Schneider

If you’ve been a member of one of Andrea Schneider’s groups, you know why Andrea hosts some of the most fascinating conversations on GovLoop. The titles alone may entice you to join: – Evaluation: The Data and The Story – Social Networking, Leadership and Innovation in the Applied Setting – Who’s Running the Show? ARead… Read more »