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It’s All About the Crew

The second in my series of articles on the Virginia State Parks Youth Conservation Corps – an example of government at its best, preparing youth for the future. Year after year we tell park staff – the Youth Conservation Corps crew will get more done than you expect. Even parks that have had crews yearRead… Read more »

Everything I know about social media I learned from my dog

My deep dark secret is that my dog is on Facebook and Twitter and has more friends and followers than my personal accounts. He also blogs. While I was already active on Twitter, Facebook and blogging for Virginia State Parks, it took my experience with Yoda (that’s my dog’s name) to see the power ofRead… Read more »

Happy Earth Day from America’s State Parks

This year marks 40 years of Earth Day celebrations. America’s State Parks celebrate Earth Day every day as they conserve land for the enjoyment of us all. America’s State Parks are destinations for outdoor recreation and quality nature and historical programming. Why not visit a state park for this earth day – there’s one notRead… Read more »

How social media helped save our bacon

We have never doubted that the public loves us. With 7 million visitors each year, we know folks love and value Virginia’s state parks. But, knowing they care and rallying support are two different things. More than ten years ago the Virginia Association for Parks was formed to support state and national parks in Virginia.Read… Read more »


Those who follow us on Facebook and Twitter probably know that we are participating in Tweetsgiving. We have sponsored some great prizes for the Richmond celebration. What is Tweetsgiving? Check out the details on their website. Basically it is social media for social good. Last year all of the funds were donated to support aRead… Read more »

America’s State Parks – A Natural Stimulus Program

Perhaps you have seen articles that have mentioned the impact the recession has had on parks. Basically, more people are going to parks for recreation than ever before and funding for many park systems is threatened by shrinking government revenues. Camping Blogger’s recent article “State Parks Still Under Pressure” really hit the mark. At aRead… Read more »

Odwalla® Teams with Virginia State Parks for Greener Future

The Odwalla Plant a Tree program allows people to donate trees, free of charge, to local State Park systems Virginia residents don’t need to get down and dirty this summer to plant trees in our state parks. With the ease of a mouse click, the Odwalla Plant a Tree program allows you to donate aRead… Read more »