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It’s Not Just About Escaping the Office

One reason the word “telework” seems inadequate to describe how we want to change the workplace is that it suggests that our focus is only on how people can be effective when they work at home. But that’s not really what it’s all about. The Workplace of the Future is about people working where, when,Read… Read more »

Telework — Managing Your Boundaries

As we start the Second Annual Telework Week today, it’s a good time to think about boundaries and the challenge of how we create a boundary between the professional and the personal when we work at home. The most obvious boundary can be created by the space in which we work. A home office, forRead… Read more »

What personal characteristics help performance in the civil service (vs. the private sector)?

Can you think of behaviors or traits that might make you say, “Hey this person would make a great civil servant!” Or conversely, would cause you to say “Hey, this person needs to start their own business, they really might not fit in with the government?” I am giving a speech to the JSSA EmploymentRead… Read more »