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GovBytes: New Law Blocks Cell Phones in California Prisons

Last Friday, California passed SB 26, a law that would block cell phone transmissions in the state’s prisons. The law also imposes strict penalties on the possession and smuggling of cell phones in prisons. California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is allowed to monitor any attempted cell phone activity on premise. “We know that inmatesRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Robot Technology to Improve Public Safety

According to an article on Government Technology, new automated devices and robots are changing law enforcement as we know it. The invention of these new devices is widening the range of public safety efforts, while simultaneously making these efforts significantly less dangerous. A variety of devices have been created in order to aid police inRead… Read more »

GovBytes: The highs and lows of young feds

Over at GovExec, an article posits that although younger feds start off their government careers with overall satisfaction, their contentment is on a steady decline after a period of three years. The nonprofit Partnership for Public Service this month released a study showing that 75.3 percent of new government workers under the age of 30Read… Read more »

GovBytes: Gov Documents Go Digital

Starting today in Ottawa County, Michigan, citizens can access their government documents, such as their birth certificates, marriage licenses, property deeds and other records, from the Internet. Testing for the system has been in effect for the past month using a program called TrueCertify to help ensure security and encryption for these documents to preventRead… Read more »

GovBytes: A Workplace Without Email?

Could you imagine doing your job without email? Many of us spend a large portion of our working hours sending and responding to messages, but that could all change. According to a new survey by Robert Half Technology, a majority of CIOs believe that real-time communication tools, like instant messaging, will eventually supplant workplace email.Read… Read more »

GovBytes: Lessons From The Quake – Do We Need An Emergency Broadband Network?

For many of us along the east coast, the jitters of experiencing an earthquake were followed by the inconvenience of being unable to use our cell phones. In the wake of the quake, cell providers were overwhelmed with people calling 911 and one another to see if loved ones were okay. Service was down forRead… Read more »

GovBytes: To Crowdsource or Not To Crowdsource?

Cities and states are increasingly turning to the internet to allow citizens to participate in government. While it’s often easier for people to send in a comment online rather than attend a public meeting, local governments are still trying to figure out the best way to engage in crowdsourcing. According to a recent article inRead… Read more »