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GovBytes: App Shows Health Inspection Scores of Restaurants

A new app has been released that identities health inspection records at restaurants in California. Government Technology reports that the new app in Sacramento allows consumers to check out health inspection scores at local restaurants. Called “Sacramento County Food Inspections,” the app shows a person’s current location in Sacramento County, Calif., and the nearby retailRead… Read more »

GovBytes: What do Snoop Dogg and the West Virginia Chief Information Security Officer Have in Common?

According to an article in GovTech, they are both rappers. After West Virginia’s Office of Security and Controls won NASCIO’s 2011 recognition award for the “Risk Management Initiatives” category, West Virginia’s chief information security officer, Jim Richards III, submitted a video to NASCIO about the agency’s IT projects to be shown at the association’s awardsRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Can Cities Survive Without CIOs?

A report in GovTech stated that most cities operate without CIOs. With the increase of technology policy being used in government, this is a bit surprising. Instead, cities rely on IT managers, systems administrators, and city managers to create and implement these types of programs. Why do cities not have CIOs? The reasons vary. SomeRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Do you use your personal tech devices for work purposes?

An article and video in GovTech asked state CIOs at the NASCIO conference what their policies were on allowing employees to use personal devices for work. “Instituting so-called ‘bring your own device’ policies may make economic sense for cash-strapped public agencies, and they’ll certainly make users happy.” But in terms of security, some CIOs statedRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Cars May Soon Be Able to Power Traffic Signals

An article in GovTech this morning features new technology by MotionPower-Express Systems being tested in Roanoke, Virginia. They have recently installed rumble strips along roads that capture energy as cars drive over them. The kinetic energy being generated would be converted into electricity, and that electricity would power the traffic signals at the upcoming intersection.Read… Read more »

GovBytes: Can You Guess What Google’s Most Searched Halloween Costume Was?

If you guessed “angry birds” (based off of the hit mobile video game), then you are correct! An article in GovTech outlines the runner-ups as well: 1. Angry Birds 2. Black Swan 3. Playboy Bunny 4. Nicki Minaj 5. Smurfette 6. Wilfred 7. Monster High 8. Tron 9. Captain America 10. Pan Am 11. CharlieRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Congress Concerned About Facial Recognition Technology

As facial recognition technology has become popular for law enforcement purposes, Congress has become increasingly more concerned about privacy protection surrounding this software. “As in many fast growing and changing sectors, public policy has not kept pace with the development of this sort of technology,” [Senator] Rockefeller wrote in a letter to FTC Chairman JonRead… Read more »

GovBytes: NYC Expanding Cell Coverage in Subways

Government technology reports that cell service is now available at six different subway stations in New York City. Passengers can now send texts, calls and browse the internet while waiting for their train at the station. Currently, only passengers who have AT&T and T-Mobile have coverage in the subway stations, but New York City isRead… Read more »