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GovBytes: NYC Tests Potential Solution to Parking Woes

Those living in cities are more than familiar with circling blocks for parking spots, unable to find one. New York City, however, is testing a solution that’s been tried in San Francisco. NYC will be utilizing small sensors placed on the ground in parking spots which will transmit information on whether or not a parkingRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Do you give up your right to data privacy at the door?

Happy belated Data Privacy Day! This past Saturday marked the official U.S. Data Privacy Day, recognized by Congress in 2009. However, it seems that, regardless of how we value (or claim to value) data privacy, its an ever waning asset. The loss of data privacy comes at a heavy price, potentially allowing corporations to makeRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Supreme Court Decides GPS Tracking without a Warrant is Unconstitutional

Everyone knows that today we can be tracked by GPS anywhere under the Sun, and yet we welcome it into our everyday lives. We get lost in big cities and we can’t find the nearest subway/metro station. Grab your phone, enable GPS and data, and there you go! But what about cases where we don’tRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Street Surveillance – Good Governance or Poor Policy?

In a post 9/11 world, surveillance is becoming prominent as more resources are allocated to fighting terrorism. There are those who oppose surveillance, such as street cameras, out of fear that the government is becoming too powerful. There is also concern that increased surveillance may be bad fiscal policy. Government Technology reported that a 2005Read… Read more »

GovBytes: NC Now Checking Out E-Library Books

An article in GovTech last Friday reported that public libraries in North Carolina are now checking out e-library books. The North Carolina Digital Library Consortium released a collection that can be downloaded directly from the library onto the patron’s Kindle or Kindle reading app. While this service is more convenient for the public, it isRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Palo Alto, Calif., utilizes its utility companies to test new technology

The Silicon Valley and its citizens could soon become a testbed for emerging energy-efficient technologies, according to an article in GovTech. Palo Alto recently announced its plans to introduce a program, aptly named the Emerging Technology Demonstration Program, that would allow utility companies to evaluate new tech proposals submitted by private companies. If the proposalsRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Is Social Media a Valuable Law Enforcement Tool?

Last Friday, GovTech published a report outlining how law enforcement tools have evolved from wanted posters, to social media outreach. This form of “community policing” has helped officials with finding missing children, reporting suspicious activity, and informing the public about crimes committed in their neighborhood. “Social networking rapidly has become a valuable intelligence-gathering tool forRead… Read more »

GovBytes: First Responders Using Wi-Fi to Save Seconds and Lives

According to an article over at GovTech, an Emergency Medical Services Division in Rowan, N.C., has equipped all of its ambulances with Wi-Fi platforms that transmit valuable information to doctors before arriving at the hospital.The information sends vital signs, heart rhythms (to detect for potential heart attack), and brings up patient medical history. “Also insideRead… Read more »