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Contractors Use Webinars, Social Media To Extend Their Voices

I originally published on GovWin Communication is an important aspect of any business, but how do new media tools affect government contractors seeking to team with others? In addition to social media tools like LinkedIn and Twitter, there are additional tools like company blogs and webinars that all play a part in extending the voiceRead… Read more »

5 Things Harry Potter Can Teach Us About Government Contracting

I originally posted this on GovWin for the release of Harry Potter, and realized a lot of this still connects to federal employees as well. For the broad information that does relate to just contractors, it will at least provide some insight from our side. As J.K. Rowling’s boy wizard franchise prepares to close withRead… Read more »

This Day in GovCon History, June 16, 1911: A Century of IBM Incorporation

Authored by Anthony Critelli June 16, 1911, was the founding of government contractor and corporate giant IBM. The company was formed via the merger of Tabulating Machine Company, Computing Scale Company of America and International Time Recording Company into Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) by trust organizer Charles F. Flint. Though the company is celebrating a centuryRead… Read more »

CDC Releases Zombie Preparedness Guide; We Uncover Additional Federal Zombie Opportunities

Originally published on GovWin As reported in many news sites today, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released a new document that highlights the potential concern of a zombie invasion occurring in the future. A zombie specifically known as a Jockey. Courtesy of Valve If such an event does occur (and it will), theRead… Read more »

When APPS and AppStore Have Nothing to Do with APPLE – The Joy of Government Program Acronyms

Authored by Micheal Mullen Government’s long list of acronyms often comes with unintended (or perhaps intended) double meanings. While our first role is to help GovWin members find new opportunities that best suit their company’s specialties, here are a few program names that caught our eye as we were searching through the INPUT database. ForRead… Read more »

If the Government Shuts Down, Should I Go to That Conference?

Authored by Sean Tucker It’s a simple question – if the government shuts down, should I still go to an event where the speaker is a government employee? – but no one seems to have a simple answer. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) referred us to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). OMBRead… Read more »

Shutdown Delay Equals a Second Chance for Contractors

Authored by GovWin’s Lindley Ashline If you’re a government contractor, the two-week continuing resolution passed by Congress this week to temporarily prevent a government shutdown is a second chance to prepare for the consequences such a shutdown would bring. Experts at today’s Instant Webinar, “Surviving a Government Shutdown,” shared some background on how shutdownsRead… Read more »

Impacts of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on Government Contracting

Authored by GovWin’s Sean Tucker The earthquake and tsunami that hit the Northeast coast of Japan on Friday have created a humanitarian crisis of global proportions. It touches everything, including the government contracting industry. U.S. contractors are struggling to contact Japanese employees and partners, and are mobilizing to help in any way they can. Employees,Read… Read more »