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Project of the Week – LAUNCH: Health…Finally!

This is it! The week we host LAUNCH: Health, the second in our series of sustainability incubators. NASA partnered with USAID, Department of State, and NIKE to create the LAUNCH initiative to identify, showcase and support innovative approaches to global challenges. Through LAUNCH, NASA can host a global conversation about innovative solutions. We’re problem-solvers, afterRead… Read more »

GovLaunch – OpenNY Plan

Great post by Andrew Hoppin. Cross-posted from Globehoppin Andrew Cuomo Releases OpenNY Plan Posted on October 6, 2010 by Andrew Hoppin Andrew Cuomo today released his “OpenNY” plan, part of his expanded “Clean Up Albany: Make It Work” agenda. The plan has three major components, which apparently will be instantiated through a central OpenNY website,Read… Read more »

GovLaunch – Launch of Federal Intranet Content Managers’ (FICM) IdeaScale Site

The Federal Intranet Content Managers are pleased to announce the launch of our new IdeaScale site. This is a request for all members to visit our IdeaScale site and suggest one topic idea related to intranets for future discussions. Also, please vote on the ideas that are currently there. This will help us move forwardRead… Read more »

GovLaunch – Introducing New Fairfax County News/Engagement Website

Hi everyone, Just wanted to drop by and mention today’s launch of a new local government news/engagement website that I’ve been developing and thinking about for some time. In Fairfax County, our news lived in silos by department or other organizational boundaries. Social media sites existed, but often separate from news delivery and conversation. WeRead… Read more »

GovLaunch – Updates to OpenGov Scorecard

Did people see the White House updated its Open Gov Scorecard? I like the concept and it’s a good way to get started. Next step is really digging in – for example, not just who checked the public consultation scorecard but who is doing it well.. Thoughts? See at and below To review summariesRead… Read more »