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Should You Be a Mentor?

If you’re considering becoming a mentor, let me start by saying good for you! It can be such a rewarding experience watching and helping someone grow. If you’re feeling the pull to mentor, I believe you should trust your gut. You don’t have to be an expert at coaching or the top of your fieldRead… Read more »

What is Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring, Counseling?

Growing up in the Army, we would often use “coach, teach, mentor” in the same breath, yet make little distinction between the three. There are distinctions between those and in this blog I’ll add ‘counseling’ for comparison as well. The purpose here is to offer guidance on the most appropriate technique for talent development. We’llRead… Read more »

What are four types of mentors you need for your career needs?

Check this out: via @prismatic One of my friends introduced me to the notion of having a committee: a group of personal connections that serve as a sounding board for personal and professional issues? I have developed my own committee which serve as mentors for me on a variety of issues. How have youRead… Read more »

Congratulations, GovLoop Mentors Spring 2013 Program Participants

Last night, we hosted the fourth GovLoop Mentors Program Kick-Off Event, welcoming and congratulating more than 50 new mentor pairings at the District Architecture Center in Washington, DC. I wanted to be sure and post the names of both mentees and mentors to honor their commitment to the advancement of their careers and the bettermentRead… Read more »

Leveraging the strengths we KNOW we have instead of worrying about the advantages we THINK others have

I drive a 2002 Kia Rio and over the last few years I have noticed countless others driving the same vehicle. Each time I see a Kia Rio, I cannot refrain from comparing our cars. Is my car in better shape? Does their car come with power windows with extra leg room? Although I continueRead… Read more »