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How to Develop a Workplace Mentoring Program

We explored the many benefits of building and implementing a successful workplace mentoring program for government employees in our first article. Now we will explain the steps involved in developing an effective workplace mentoring program. There are different types of mentoring, such as one-on-one mentoring; group mentoring in which one individual mentors several people atRead… Read more »

Why You Need to Develop a Workplace Mentoring Program

A common characteristic of all successful companies is that they know how to attract and retain an engaged and qualified work force. Mentoring is one tool they use to ensure their employees are constantly learning to facilitate improved performance across the board. Below are several benefits of building and implementing a strong and effective workplaceRead… Read more »

Mentorship: Harnessing the Force within You

Could Luke Skywalker harness his abilities without Yoda’s wisdom? Would the Banks family learn the importance of family without Mary Poppins? There are no shortage of mentor-mentee relationships in cinema. In these examples, the mentors provide insight to bring out the best in the mentees. Similarly, we can leverage the advantages of mentorships to get ahead and avoidRead… Read more »

Homophily (That Means Love of Same) OK for Dating, But Not for Mentoring

I’m white, Jewish and male. If I behaved like sociologists expect, most of my mentors would be “like” me. But I don’t. The lion’s share of my mentors are black, female and of a different faith than I. Though I’ve never personally been the subject of research on homophily —the tendency of individuals to associateRead… Read more »

6 Steps for a Successful Mentor Relationship

This week, Steve Ressler, GovLoop’s CEO and Founder, was a guest speaker at the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Mentor Program celebration. At the event he shared six steps to have a successful mentoring relationship. And I also want to share them with you! 1. Get Acquainted Your first mentor meeting will be like a professionalRead… Read more »