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Continuous Monitoring: The New Phase of IT Security

As IT systems continue to grow in size and sophistication, greater security measures are needed to ensure that critical data stays secure. Enter Continuous Monitoring. The automated process creates data on the status of operational and business processes that goes into constant feedback loop, allowing the system to constantly quantify risks and potential compromises toRead… Read more »

The Crowd and the Election

There are numerous ways that one can participate in and pay tribute to the electoral process, but what’s really nice is how many of the keyholders seem to be involving the crowd in this current election. For example, the National Journal recently made a call for better questions for the presidential debates. Among the numerousRead… Read more »

Reading the Riots – as presented at BlueLightCamp

This is the second part of a post about BlueLight Camp, an unconference for Emergency responders, and those who work with them. The session I want to talk about this time was run by Farida Vis. Farida was a member of the team that analysed the 2.6 million tweets generated before, during and immediately afterRead… Read more »