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4 Key Challenges to Your First Citizen Engagement

Citizen engagement is as old as the idea of government itself. However, with the advent of real-time communication technology, citizen engagement has become so easy that it is now an expectation of the average citizen who assumes that their feedback will be not only heard, but responded to. This feedback is happening everywhere – onlineRead… Read more »

Try Crowdsourcing: No Surprises on Election Day

It’s no surprise that local governments are utilizing crowdsourcing to solve some of their biggest problems. Crowdsourcing, after all, uses some of the same basic tenets as democracy: where the decisions that serve a body are governed by the majority. Crowdsourcing is being used as a means to allocate budgets, cut waste, and solve longstandingRead… Read more »

The Connection Between Engaged Citizens and Citizen Behavior

At every level of government, citizens are working to learn more and connect, share their ideas, effect change, and improve services. And despite this growing trend of moving all conversations online, there are many government entities that are hesitant to formally endorse or launch this kind of dialogue. Common questions include: “what if the dialogueRead… Read more »

Global Challenges: Languages

The Dutch East India Company made its fortune with a number of different trades: notably the tulip mania in 1637 that allowed the Dutch East India Company to be valued in the trillions of dollars while operating in dozens and dozens in countries (all of this according to Wikipedia). They operated globally and generated massiveRead… Read more »

Nonprofits: 4 Reasons to Crowdsource

In spite of many economic uncertainties, the nonprofit sector continues to be a growing industry. In America alone, nonprofits contributed goods and services equal to $779 billion in business (accounting for 5.4 percent of the GDP). They also accounted for 10 percent of the jobs in American in 2009. In spite of all that, however,Read… Read more »

Innovation Leaders: What We’ve Learned

IdeaScale has a number of great communities. We’re certainly proud of all of them, but there are a few that stand out and those are the ones that have taught us some great lessons about engagement and moderation. Here’s just a few to get started: The President’s SAVE Award Why? Because after four years ofRead… Read more »

5 Things to Think About when It Comes To Innovation Incentives

IdeaScale gets tons of questions and recommendation requests as people develop communities, but there’s one key topic that everyone seems to want to know more about: engagement. Which is why we’ll be talking about the value of innovation communities and the impact they can have on a business at an upcoming conference, but one ofRead… Read more »

Community is the Center of Collaboration

Across disciplines and industries, customer and citizen insights are more closely woven into the production process for whatever it might be (software, laws, vehicles, you name it). The age of internal-only product development is over – customers can now bring their thoughts to bear on everything that a company does so that by the timeRead… Read more »